Guaranteed job placement

Become employment ready - Career & Interview Training

If you are an IT graduate you may be looking for your first full-time career position in IT.

If you have applied for the jobs you really want, you may have found it is not easy to get a good job.

Perhaps you did not get responses to your applications or you were not able to win the 1st round interview.

Now is not the time to give up.

Now is the time to work smarter - not harder.

Job seekers should have clear goals, effective job searching strategies, and right skills and tools to find their dream job.

There is always a job market, but you should know there may be hundreds or even thousands of job seekers competing for the jobs. The truth is not all people have effective job seeking strategies.

When job seeking individuals lack knowledge of career opportunities and employment information, or when they are not fully aware of their abilities, it will be difficult for them to clarify their career goals and develop their job seeking strategies. Besides, to win the job and do well in today’s work environment, in addition to the technical skills to perform certain role, other skills such as workplace knowledge, attitudes and interpersonal skills are becoming increasingly required for success.

Enhanced-IT's career management services are fully comprehensive with loads of experience and a client service ethos second to none and knows the Melbourne employment industry. Enhanced-IT specialises in providing professional career consultation, career development and guidance to help job seekers making career choices and decision, achieving better career outcomes and take control of their career development. Enhanced-IT’ consultants are very experienced and have been working in senior management level positions across a diverse range of industries. Therefore, they are ready to respond to job seekers’ individual needs in short-term job search, effective job seeking strategy establishment, career transition and long-term career management in all types of employment.

Enhanced-IT’ career management can assist job seekers with different methods and strategies, which will help them, clarify their career goals, smooth their career road and take control of their career. The career experts from Enhanced-IT will work closely with job seekers to help them make their career dream to come true and achieve the results they deserve.

Some of the many careers services will include:

  • Résumé writing
  • Provision of available positions
  • Accessing the hidden job market
  • Review of advertised positions
  • Covering letters
  • Enhancing self-confidence skills
  • Personal presentation skills
  • Job interview skills and virtual interviews
  • Combined critical feedback and guidance
  • Career mentoring and guidance
  • Progress monitoring and evaluation
  • Listing on related career choice recruitment databases
  • Understanding of the employment industry
  • Our guarantee to work with you until you achieve success
  • Assessment of your career direction Learn where you are going, why and how.
  • Pre-interview briefings
  • Post-interview debriefings
  • Marketing letters
  • Communication skills
  • Your first week in your new job
  • Cultural skills
  • Behavioural skills
  • Career review & provision of future career options aligned to your career objectives
  • Provision of suitable available positions
  • A audio-visual behavioural interview, appraised and recorded to CD