IT Training

All It training and internship supervision is provided by qualified/certified and experienced IT professionals

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Training structure

The training component is a scheduled program of two month's duration.

Training is conducted at two locations in the Melbourne CBD

Training is conducted after normal business hours, three days per week, Tuesday – Thursday. Alternative training is also available on Saturdays.

Training consists of twelve structure modules designed to give you the knowledge you will use on a daily basis in your Internship and your employment.

All training materials are provided and inclusive in the cost of the program.

All students will also have access to on-line training materials for self-study (this information will be kept available to students after they have finished the program).

Students must pass an assessment before commencing their internship. Additional training and support will be provided where necessary.

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Enhanced-IT is training, internship and career services provider.

Enhanced-IT was created by a group of career management and IT companies. The only purpose of this company is to create IT professionals who:

  • Are ready to work,
  • Have all the technical knowledge and experience,
  • Meet all the requirements of employers, and
  • Can secure employment in appropriate it positions of their choice.

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The Enhanced-IT program guarantees to*:

  • Train IT professionals in technical skills suitable for entry into employment positions.
  • Place trainees in related internships (paid) preparing them for employment
  • Place successful trainees in suitable related IT employment until they have successfully completed the commencement probationary period of their new IT position.
  • If for any reason, they lose their new job during its probationary period, Enhanced-IT will assist in gaining a replacement position.

* Persons commencing The Enhanced-IT Program, are advised to refer to their contract for full details.

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