Success Stories

Dear Gregory and Shelia, First of all sorry for the late reply but trust me for this I would never be able to "Thank both of you" in words. Enhanced-IT has not only enlightened my life, it has added the real worth to it. Gregory, I still remember the day I came to you. I only knew that I am an engineer, and I was not even able to explain my goals, why I choose to do engineering and two masters afterwards, and what exactly I was after. It was all you and Shelia's kind efforts, continuous encouragement and around the clock development, which made me, realise the real worth, and I was able to bring more professionalism in my life. I am really very thankful to both of you and would always remember and encourage more and more people to join Enhanced-IT, and trust me I was really fortunate that I made this decision. Also, there is extremely simple and realistic reason to join Enhanced-IT, that is, there will always be two most experience and professional people to help and provide appropriate feedback. In addition, I would also like to say, I still wonder how come both of you know that what the employer is after, and in all the four rounds of the interview, I was asked the same questions I was prepared for. Shelia pumped so much confidence in me that I knew I will certainly get the job. Gregory, I had all the qualifications and I never thought that I needed this sort of training but after being through it, I personally feel that this is the most important training, even more important than education or any other qualification, which every individual should go through. Once again thanks a lot for all you help and Gregory, you were absolutely correct, the more time one takes to think, and the more one has to wait to get the right start.

Kindest Regards

Hi Greg and Shelia, Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I have no words and I wish I should have joined Enhanced-IT long time ago. I have noticed one thing that no matter we get high education and all big degrees at school and university, but if we don't know how to sell ourselves in job interview then these education is of no use. This was made possible to me by Enhanced-IT. I learnt a lot like how to apply jobs, build myself into a professional engineer, learnt how to talk and communicate and most important thing I build my confidence here. I got rid of my fear to talk with big personals and Enhanced-IT help me to achieve my goal. It was always important to follow the basics they set for job seeking and it came right for me. I had something in me which would mould me to get a good job, but Greg and Shelia made me believe in myself and help to bring that something outside me and turned it into reality. They are not only career managers but also mentors of life. I will miss Enhanced-IT and I wish I can still continue this coaching, going there and gain more knowledge, skills, confidence, motivation and encouragement which we all need in life. Greg you have helped me a lot and I thank you for all your words, punch lines for engineering and all motivation. I learned problem solving skills, time management skills and many more which crafted me into an organised person. I am really sorry if I did not follow your basics and rule for applying job. If I had done that I would have got job earlier in less time. All your professional talk, interview briefs helped me to make myself strong for next day at interview. I wish you good life ahead and please take care of your health and God bless you with lot of happiness. Thanks for all your inspiration, guidance and motivation throughout the time period at Enhanced-IT. Shelia, a cheerful, smiling and happy personality with lots of positivity. This all is less for you, but you helped me always to get on the phone and tried to improve my communication with them. I felt comfortable talking to those recruiters in front of you. Your energy and your belief in me made this possible. Your prediction for me was always right and I wish I spend more time with you and Greg and gain more qualities. Keep your spirit of life high and positive because it is and it will influence lot of the clients coming at Enhanced-IT and I can say I am one of them. Keep listening the song 'Sunscreen' so that you will not forget me. Last but not the least Enhanced-IT indeed helped me for starting my career path and helped me to do and work for what I studied and what I desired. My good wishes to Greg, Shelia, Jennie, Carmen and Sandra for all the good work you are doing for the people who are looking for job. God bless you all and wish you all happiness and joy. Thank you once again.

Kind regards,

Dear Enhanced-IT, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your incredible training and support in getting me into my dream job. It has been a journey and I enjoyed every bit of it and it was for a BEST result. I never thought I would need a career adviser for my career, as long as I had the qualifications and the experience. The reason why I went to the career exhibition was to meet prospective employers. But, it turned out to be different. It became an opportunity for me to know what I need before going to my prospective employers looking for my ideal job. My stay with Enhanced-IT was a big learning curve and the lessons that I got is not just a lesson to get me a job but it is lessons for a life time. I learned to believe in myself, to be confident, to be strong, to see beyond the impossibilities, to be positive, not to ever give up, to ask myself-what exactly that I want and to get an answer. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH all again and keep doing what you doing because Enhanced-IT is not only helping people to get their dream job but it is about changing peoples life. Shelia, what to say, no wonder why I was so happy to meet you on the career exhibition last year, IT HAPPENED FOR A REASON. Thanks for the unforgettable time. Thank you for being a part in paving the way to my career. You taught me a lot but above all, I learned to be positive, to be strong, to be ME and to always SMILE. So, thanks for being who you are. Gregory, thank you so much for not giving up on me till the day I got the job. Because, with your support and training, it could not have been better. I will never forget the lessons that I learned from you. You always surprised me with you enormous abilities and I remember a time that I felt as if you did the interview for me because you briefed me in almost all the questions that was asked in the interview. When I was offered the job, I was told I really did very well in the interview and I said thank God for showing me the way through to Enhanced-IT Careers. Sandra and Carmen, thank you both for your support and your patience when I create a mess always in my appointments! My achievement is an achievement to Enhanced-IT as well, so congratulation to all of us! And, many thanks again and looking forward to work even more closely with Enhanced-IT in the future.